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🧠 Social Signals 🧠
When someone joins one of your targeted social media groups, they're signaling their interest in that subject and possibly in your product or service. You can use this signal to your advantage and unlock contact info for any member of your targeted groups. You can just be a group member and don't need to be the admin.

You can then collect these leads into a lead list for you and your sales team to import into whatever contact management system you choose.
Facebook Groups
When a Facebook user joins a group, they're saying they are interested in that subject. LeadZing unlocks leads from any Facebook group. You don't even need to be the group admin.
Facebook Example
LinkedIn Groups
When a member of LinkedIn joins a group or adds a skill or interest, they're telling you they may be a great fit for your product or service. You can unlock their contact info. via search or in a group.
LinkedIn Example
Twitter Followers
When someone follows one of your competitors or another account, they're signaling to the world their interest in that subject, business, industry, etc.
Twitter Example
Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work?
Once you download our Chrome Extension, you will start seeing our Z icon when viewing Facebook Groups, LinkedIn and Twitter. There will also be a unlock tab on each profile you view on any of the social media sites.

Once you click on the Z icon, we will search for their information and if we find a match we will display the information on your current page. It will be added to your list of leads.

You will be charged 1 credit for each new lead.
What do I get for my $99/month subscription.
You will receive 100 lead credits each month you are subscribed. Along with access to your lead list saved in our database.
How do credits work?
1 credit = 1 successfully unlocked profile. If we do not find any information on the profile, you will not be charged.
How much do credits cost?
Credits cost $.25/each. You can add as many credits as you choose to your account at anytime.
Do my credits expire?
No, your credits never expire. They will remain in your account until they are used or you cancel your account.
Do I get charged twice for unlocking the same lead?
No, once you unlock a social media profile it is free for life. It will already be added to your leads and you will not be charged additional credits.
Can I download my leads?
Yes, you will be able to download your leads into a csv format from the leads section in your account.
Can I create lists?
Yes, our lists are based on hashtags. Once you unlock a lead you will be able to add hashtags to each lead that can then be sorted. This makes it easy to add any lead to multiple lists.
Do I have to use Chrome?
No. However you must use a Chromium based browser. Our extension works in Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, Opera and nearly all modern Chromium based browsers. It may also work in Firefox, but we haven't adapted it to Firefox yet.